Cornish reveals health secrets 

Her Instagram feed is flooded with snaps of her healthy homemade meals, yoga poses and inspirational quotes.

So it comes as no surprise that actress Isabelle Cornish was the obvious choice to be the new brand ambassador for WA superfood brand Orgamix.

The screen starlet, who is the younger sister of Abbie Cornish and appeared on teen drama Puberty Blues, is known for her healthy approach to life and was even voted Australia’s sexiest vegetarian by PETA last year.

And after being announced as an affiliate of the Perth brand, the 20-year-old tells AAA she can’t wait to get in the kitchen and start creating her own recipes with the company’s cult range of ingredients.

"I really love the Orgamix products as their quality and taste is amazing, and I am extremely passionate about healthy living," Cornish says.

Citing products like coconut oil and cacao crackle among her favourites from the range, the blonde says eating organic, whole foods is her top tip for leading a balanced lifestyle.

"Eating organic is important to me because I want my body to be at its best and I want to know exactly what I am putting in it," Cornish explains.

"I also have experienced problems from eating non-organic GMO produce."

But fitness is a big part of Cornish’s regime too, having undertaken an intensive course to become a qualified yoga teacher.

"I recently completed my 300-hour Jivamukti teacher training," she says. "This was over one month in Nosara, Costa Rica. It was so amazing."

While Cornish was tight-lipped on her plans for the rest of the year, she confirmed she would be heading to Los Angeles for auditions in September “when things get busy”.

She previously said she would stay with her LA-based sister while in town.

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